About me :


Academic Position: ENGINEER

Designation: Egineer of Materials Science and Engineering

Nationality: Iranian
Place of Birth: Folladshahr ,Isfahan, IRAN
Marital Status: single

I am Studing Material engineering (Identify & Charecterization of engineering material) in Isfahan university of technology and I graduated my BSc extractive metallurgy from Isfahan university of technology 2011.
Now Im working at synthesis nanostructured NiTi shape memory alloy produced by CBIM method and thermomechanical treatment.


Educations :

Msc : 2011-2013, Identify & Characterization Of Engineering Materials. Department of Material Science & Engineering , Isfahan University Of Technology, Iran

Bsc: 2006-2011, Material Science & Engineering , Extractive Metallurgy Eng.,Department of Material Science & Engineering Isfahan University of Technology, Iran

Diploma  : 2002 , mathemathic Diploma ,  Golestan high school, fooladshahr ,Isfahan, Iran

Research Interests :

My fields of research are shape memory alloy, nanomaterials, heat treatment and thermomechanical proccesing,....  .